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Happy 11th Birthday to Us!!!

That means we’re now 10, plus GST!

Of course, our 10th birthday was completely lost amongst COVID last year, so, for now, we’ll celebrate turning 11 and look forward to a better year for the planet.  What are you looking forward to in 2021?  Hopefully, whatever it is, there will be some new grants, or old grant favourites released to help you achieve whatever it is you want to do.

We closed out a disrupted 2020 with GREAT NEWS for one of our lovely clients, Linda, whom we helped to secure a six-figure Female Founders Fund grant for, to support the growth of her company Gutbiome Australia. To start the year, here are 2 more good news stories, proving that small grants can be just as sweet as big grants when they go where needed the most. Read here and here.