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Grant Writing

We write grants, tenders and award submissions that help clients to achieve their funding outcomes and raise their profile.

Located in Redland City, we provide grant writing services to clients across community, charity, sport, education and government sectors and businesses, locally and across Brisbane, Queensland and Australia. Our capacity to deliver well aligned and evidence-based grant proposals will help your submission stand out in today’s highly competitive funding environment.

Our Reputation – Your Success

Our grant writing services surpass the competition by delivering on due diligence, research, ethical advice and attention to detail. Testimonials, word-of-mouth-referrals and our long-term repeat client base is evidence that our approach to service is valued. As a provider of quality grant writing services, our reputation and record is proof that we understand today’s grant environment and do everything we can to ensure that your grant writing stands out from the crowd.

Grant Alignment & Research

Our data collection and research practices help to determine the best grants to meet your needs. We consider your organisation’s eligibility, past grant history, goals and projects to help align your grant strategy with appropriate grant targets. Well-aligned targets increase your chance for successful grant outcomes.

We work closely with clients to gather evidence to help to build a winning grant proposal. Our focus on real data that speaks to the real needs of your group or community helps us to develop a strong argument for funding of your proposal. Our grant writing service is about more than just answering criteria – it is about demonstrating to the grant provider that their needs and yours align, so that by working together, you can do great things for the community.

Grant Writing Is Our Craft

Grant guidelines and criteria all differ based on the nature of the sector and funding program objectives, so it’s important to craft responses that position your organisation for funding success. Once again, this is more than just answering a question on a form – it’s about meeting intent, providing evidence and demonstrating alignment and benefit. We know the subtleties and the intricacies of developing well-written responses to criteria – this is our craft and we do it well.

Our services range from grant writing reviews, project planning and full submission development, grant-writing mentoring, and development of award and Tender submissions. Services can be varied to meet your organisation’s needs, but our quality-standard will never vary.  Book a call to discuss your needs.

From GrantsPlus consultants you can always expect:


Due diligence


Attention to detail


Knowledgeable advice


Professional service