The ‘G-word’ is getting thrown about a lot at the moment – and suddenly there are a lot of ‘experts’ out there telling you what to do to get a ‘Grant’ during this strange and unnerving time we find ourselves in.

Yes, there’s lots of stimulus funding and support out there, in many forms – but much of it is quite different to what we traditionally understand as ‘grants’.

I firmly believe the grants are coming – it just takes time for providers to re-purpose and re-structure their funding into a purposeful and accountable format.  The new grants from Redland City Council (below) are a great example of existing grant funds turned into new and responsive grants, which will ALSO act as stimulus, but which are very different to the stimulus and support being offered at the state and federal level.

So what’s the difference and why do you need to know?  The infographic below shows the main COMMON differences – there are always exceptions to the rule of course…

And why do you need to know the difference? Because it affects HOW you will respond, WHAT you can do with the money and WHAT your responsibilities are.  Grants are great for achieving new things – Stimulus and support is great when needed so desperately.  What it comes down to is whether each is RIGHT for you – for your needs – and for the time.


Grants vs Stimulus May 2020