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Australian Government BusinessThe Australian Government recently announced 16 successful Accelerating Commercialisation grants under the Entrepreneurs’ Programme. This program aims to improve business competitiveness and productivity, with the Accelerating Commercialisation Grants assisting businesses to undertake commercialisation activities to bring their new products, processes and services to market.

Do you have a product or process that might qualify for this grant? Technology and manufacturing projects are at the forefront of successful projects such as:

  • Geospatial Artificial Intelligence for Agriculture technology which automatically locates crops and monitors their health, providing data required for precision farming.
  • Commercialising appraisal software for the subdivision of residential property, enabling rapid and precise assessment of land parcels and subdivision potential.
  • Obtaining a globally exclusive distribution licence for an intelligent robotic laser system that enables bulk removal of damaged bone and tissue in hip and knee replacements.
  • Establishing a manufacturing facility, production processes, validation trials and an international launch of fire retardant panels for marine vessels.
  • Trial and commercialisation of a product that automates roll marking in schools using machine vision technology, to reduce the administrative burden.
  • Launch of a radiation compliance platform in the United States, with applications in the hospital, radiology, nuclear medicine, veterinary and dental markets.
  • Developing a personnel screening security system for business facilities, public infrastructure and crowded places.
  • Commercial trials of a lightweight robotic arm for the unmanned underwater vehicle industry.
  • Trials of a robot that can complete tasks outdoors in agriculture, construction and mining.
  • Commercialising a range of smart functioning training garments for athletes and astronauts, which will stabilise and strengthen, reduce injury risk and improve performance.
  • Commercialising a product that predicts workplace safety outcomes to reduce the risk of injuries in markets with high risk of injuries such as agriculture, manufacturing, construction, transport and mining.