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Entrepreneurs_ProgrammeBusinesses regularly contact us for information about grants to help them with a new product, process or service. Business grants in this space are highly competitive, and there is a strong emphasis on high-end technology and scaleable and/or impactful innovations.  The word “entrepreneur” gets thrown around a lot and many business owners define themselves as being “entrepreneurial”, but in the government funding space, looking at what is actually being funded is a useful tool to help business owners understand their ‘fit’ with funding opportunities.


Here’s a quick look at several Australian businesses that have recently been offered commercialisation grants under the Australian Government’s Entrepreneurs’ Programme.


  • Relectrify to commercialise a battery management system that increases the lifetime and performance of battery storage systems for households, businesses and the power grid;
  • ReNerve to commercialise and gain US regulatory approval for a new material to repair damaged peripheral nerve tissues;
  • Handdii to commercialise its software to connect insurance companies and their policyholders to tradespeople so they can commence claim repair work immediately; and
  • Turbine Aeronautics to design, distribute and supply the global recreational aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicle markets with their high-tech small gas turbine engines.
  • Biosensis to commercialise and export its kits designed for medical researchers which allow detection and measurement of diseases previously not possible with other methods.
  • Persollo to develop a commercial product from its e-commerce platform that allows users to click-purchase straight from digital ads, social media posts, digital magazines and newsletters; (NSW)
  • Alkira Software to commercialise its voice user system for internet access to help people with low/no vision take their voice transactions on the web to a new level (QLD).
  • Delta Kilo to conduct field tests and commercialise its business process management and business intelligence workflow system for the logistics and warehousing industries.

The Entrepreneurs’ Programme commercialisation grants help Australian entrepreneurs, researchers and small and medium businesses find commercialisation solutions. Read more here.