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money 1090815 1280It’s a competitive market for funding, but it’s important to deal with people and organisations you know you can trust.  

The ACCC recently issued a warning about a website charging clients for access to government grants that don’t exist, or that are poorly matched. The Australian Business Funding Centre (aka Australian Business Financing Centre) has been the source of 100 complaints in just two years.

We’ve recieved a number of enquiries in the past asking our opinion about providers such as this. Our answer has always been the same – steer clear!


Finding good grant matches takes time and research – it can’t be done just by answering questions on a website. Opportunities need to be matched to client type, project type, timelines and request type – just to name a few of the variables that need to be considered to determine eligibility and bring a successful result.

As an ethical provider, GrantsPlus will always give you an honest assessment of the potential for funding opportunities for your group.

To read more on the ACCC warning follow this link – 

We also get calls from Clubs and groups who are being offered ‘FREE grant-writing’ – as long as they sign a contract to use certain tradesmen or companies for their capital projects…  

These groups are ‘project managers’ who build the grant writing fees into the overall cost, as well as some very generous margins on the construction materials and works. Using these providers often inflates your budget; prevents you from utilising the skills of your members and volunteers; reduces your in-kind contribution and often results in a hefty break-fee if you want out of the contract.

Don’t risk it – use a service provider who is reliable, trustworthy and above all, one who will be up-front about your chances of a successful outcome.